COVID Policy


Effective December 18, 2020, the State of Oregon is no longer enforcing distance and occupancy restrictions on faith institutions. With that said, the State still strongly recommends that churches and other faith institutions follow the recommendations with regard to mask wearing, social distancing, and cleaning and disinfection.

We are living in unprecedented times. With the COVID pandemic impacting churches even in our own community, we have a responsibility to respond wisely to the challenges we face. The difficulty comes when people of good will assess the risks differently.

Given our biblical responsibility to maintain a good reputation with those both inside and outside of the church, and desiring not to turn this into a legalistic standard, Canyon Bible Fellowship will implement the following guidelines until it is safe to do otherwise:

  1. To the greatest extent possible, we will maintain social distancing. This means that we will maintain the current seating configuration in the sanctuary for the time being. During activities that take place in the fellowship hall, we ask that you adhere to the 6-foot distancing as much as possible.

  2. Regarding mask-wearing, we ask that you wear a mask while entering or exiting our facility, unless you are physically unable to do so or unless you are uncomfortable doing so. You are welcome to remove your mask once you are seated.

  3. Our church facility will be cleaned weekly to ensure that it is as sanitary as possible.

  4. While we desire to have every member of our church family present, we do ask you to stay home if you are not feeling well.

The purpose of the church is to gather together to encourage and build one another up in our faith and to equip the saints for the proclamation of the Gospel to a world that needs to hear it. Therefore, we must provide for the best situation to allow us to continue to gather as the body of Christ. Following these simple guidelines will afford us this opportunity.

As the elders of Canyon Bible Fellowship, we ask that you extend grace and patience to us and to one another and pray for each other as we endure these challenges together.



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